1. Herbert Dimmock leads the full Bach in Baltimore Choir and Orchestra and four superb vocal soloists in the performance of Bach’s magnum opus, Mass in B Minor. This work represents Bach’s lifelong and tireless artistry as a composer and musician of the highest caliber. It is a grand synthesis of his every musical innovation and contribution. Bach began Mass in B Minor early in his career and didn’t finish it until the end of his life when he had already gone blind. As a result, Bach never got a chance to hear a complete performance of his masterpiece that weaves together conventions common to both Lutheran and Catholic masses. Bach’s virtuosity lives on forever with Mass in B Minor, an inspiring testament to dogged determination, relentless craftsmanship, and spiritual belief. Mass in B Minor is regarded as one of the supreme achievements of Western Civilization and arguably the greatest single musical piece ever written!

Kristen Dubenion-Smith, alto soloist