Renaissance Reborn: Choral Masterworks Given New Life 

Via Veritae Ensemble  - Dennis Shrock, Conductor

Accompaniment CD to the book, 'Performing Renaissance Music' by Dennis Shrock.  

MP3 Price: $12.95 / CD Price: $16.95. © GIA Publications

St. John Passion, BWV 245

Apollo's Fire Ensemble- Jeannette Sorrell, Conductior

Recording from the dramatic production presented in Cleveland and New York, March 2016. Booklet includes extensive photos and URL link to video.

CD Price: $27.00 . © Soli Deo Gloria

The Three Marys

Eya: Ensemble for Medieval Music

 Plainchant and polyphony from medieval France, featuring the first US-release of 'Les Trois Maries' - a 14th-century liturgical drama from northern France, accompanied by medieval strings.

 CD Price: $18.00 .  © Eya: Ensemble for Medieval Music

Stella Serena: Celestial Hymns to the Virgin

Eya: Ensemble for Medieval Music

Includes music of medieval England, France, and Spain of the 12th through the 14th centuries.

CD Price: $12.00.  © Eya: Ensemble for Medieval Music

The Choral Music of James D'Angelo

Cathedra Ensemble - Michael McCarthy, Conductor

An American living in England, D’Angelo’s compositional style also blends the influences of Debussy/Ravel, Holst and Prokofieff with the neoclassicism of Hindemith. The program consists of a Missa Brevis and Evensong settings, plus organ interludes and voluntaries played by Scott Dettra.

 CD Price: $18.98.  © Gothic Records