On New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, The Clarion Choir will give the world premiere of the Vigil for Peace by London-based composer Alexander Levine. Written during this time of ongoing tragic conflict in the region in which Levine was born, Levine has written a choral work that is hopeful and celebrates our common humanity. Steeped in the tradition of Eastern Orthodox sacred music, this new work promises to be a welcome addition to the repertoire. The Vigil for Peace, in the composer's own words, "endeavors to unify people's hearts and minds. The foundation stone of this effort lies in the notion of the ongoing dialogue between the old and the new."

Levine's Vigil for Peace will be performed alongside several shorter choral works by Sergei Rachmaninoff, including the Choral Concerto O Mother of God Perpetually Praying, as part of Clarion's ongoing celebration of Rachmaninoff's 150th anniversary year.