“……a real alto possessed of a lovely low range….”
-San Francisco Classical Voice Magazine


-Bethie is back!!!!  Eya begins rehearsals tomorrow for our full weekend of concerts!  We will be performing our program entitled “The Jesse Tree.”  Please visit www.eyaensemble.com for more information!

-I am honored to have been chosen to sit on the Alumni Panel for parents weekend at Peabody this past weekend.  I had  the opportunity to ease the parents’ minds concerning their children and music school and what that means for a career. It isn’t an easy path but I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding path.

-Cathedra of the Washington National Cathedral has finally wrapped up the James D’Angelo recording project. James is a published and prize winning composer who resides in London, England. The CD is set to be released in the next year on Gothic Records!

-On Feb 6th, excerpts from a concert I performed at Cornell University in March of 2011 will be broadcast on Pipedreams from American Public Media. The music program, “Old and New” focuses on two organs. The instrument at Cornell is a ‘fantasy reconstruction’ of an organ destroyed during WW2, originally made in 1706 by Arp Schnitger for the Charlottenburg Castle Chapel in Berlin. The other, an organ by Fritz Noack is one of a pair of recent projects initiated by the Archdiocese of La Crosse, WI. Though following ‘classical principals’ of design, it is a contemporary, eclectic instrument. The instruments at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and the Catholic Cathedral in La Crosse, Wisconsin demonstrate two divergent ways of approaching the ‘classical organ’.
Please visit http://pipedreams.publicradio.org/listings/2012/1206/ for more information regarding stations in your area that broadcast Pipedreams.

-The Cozzolani recording from the Concerto delle Donne concert is now on http://bandcamp.com!! You can also download the tracks from the album off of my page under the Concerto delle Donne tab.